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  • Display of desserts and coffee
Bangkok's premier jazz lounge
Call to Reserve: 6626498353
Date Day Sunday Jazzy Brunch Cocktail Hours Late Night
    12.15 - 15.00 hrs

17.45 - 18.30 hrs
18.45 - 19.30 hrs
19.45 - 20.30 hrs

Mon - Sun
21.00 - 21.45 hrs
22.00 - 22.45 hrs
23.00 - 23.45 hrs

1-Apr Mon   Joshua Soul Steppers
2-Apr Tue   Jirayu Soul Steppers
3-Apr Wed   Nattikorn Soul Steppers
4-Apr Thu   Joshua Jazz Juice
5-Apr Fri   Jirayu Soul Steppers
6-Apr Sat   Jittawat Soul Steppers
7-Apr Sun Soul Steppers Jittawat

Soul Steppers

8-Apr Mon   Jittawat Soul Steppers
9-Apr Tue   Nattikorn Soul Steppers
10-Apr Wed   Nattikorn Soul Steppers
11-Apr Thu   Joshua

Gabriele Buonasorte Quartet feat. Mauro Negri
20.00 - 21.45 (2 sets)

Jazz Juice 
22.00 - 23.45 (2 sets)

12-Apr Fri   Jittawat Milestones feat. Idris Dawud
13-Apr Sat   Jittawat Jazz Juice
14-Apr Sun Jazziam Jittawat Soul Steppers
15-Apr Mon   Jittawat Soul Steppers
16-Apr Tue   Nattikorn Soul Steppers
17-Apr Wed   Nattikorn Soul Steppers
18-Apr Thu   Joshua Jazz Juice
19-Apr Fri   Jittawat Milestones feat. Idris Dawud
20-Apr Sat   Jittawat Jazz Juice
21-Apr Sun Jazziam Jittawat Soul Steppers
22-Apr Mon   Jittawat Soul Steppers
23-Apr Tue   Nattikorn Soul Steppers
24-Apr Wed   Jirayu Jazz Juice
25-Apr Thu   Joshua Jazz Juice
26-Apr Fri   Jittawat Jazziam
27-Apr Sat   Jittawat Jazziam
28-Apr Sun Jazziam Jittawat Jazziam
29-Apr Mon   Joshua Jazziam
30-Apr Tue   Nattikorn

Sibel Köse Trio
20.00 - 21.45 (2 sets)

Randy Cannon Group
22.00 - 23.45 (2 sets)